Ahmed Mater: Mecca Journeys

  • through April 8, 2018
  • Brooklyn Museum, New York
This exhibition is an unprecedented look into the changes unfolding in Makkah by one of the most significant cultural voices documenting the realities of this historic city. Saudi artist Ahmed Mater began his monumental documentary project in 2008, bearing witness to the extraordinary expansion, demolition and new construction transforming the city. The exhibition features large-scale photographs of Makkah, as well as more intimate images of its diverse inhabitants, alongside videos, sculpture and an installation piece. Focusing on the site of the annual Hajj pilgrimage for millions of Muslims, as well as the living and working conditions of Makkah's permanent residents, the exhibition presents a complex portrait of extreme urban redevelopment and the direct effects of the ongoing reconstruction of the holy city.
Ahmed Mater
"Ka'aba," by Ahmed Mater, 2015. C-print, 180.3 x 270.5 cm.
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