CANAN: Behind Mount Qaf

  • through December 24, 2017
  • Arter, Istanbul

This solo exhibition by contemporary artist CANAN brings together new works along with a number of earlier ones, some of which are shown here for the first time. Unfolding across Arter's three gallery floors, the exhibit constitutes a comprehensive overview of the Turkish artist's practice. Named after the legendary Mount Qaf of Arabic and Persian cosmology, the exhibition includes works produced in various media: sculpture; photography, print, embroidery, video, installation and miniature. "Behind Mount Qaf" proposes reading of the artist's practice through the themes of heaven, purgatory and hell, focusing on dualisms such as light and shadow; good and bad; internal and external; reality and imaginary; lightness and darkness. At the same time, the exhibition also tackles repressed aspects of the human psyche including supernatural creatures, jinn and archetypical figures, culminating in a multidimensional, mystical, symbolic and ultimately enticing universe.

Murat Germen
"There's So Much Evil Out There," 2017, by CANAN. Installation.
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