Ex Africa

  • through July 16, 2018
  • Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, São Paulo
This exhibition is the largest show of contemporary African art to be staged in Brazil and opens this month at the São Paulo outpost of the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil. The show is named after the Latin proverb "ex Africa semper aliquid novi" (there is always something new coming out of Africa), quoted by the Roman philosopher Pliny the Elder in the first century CE after his journey through the African provinces of the Roman empire. Ex Africa features more than 80 paintings, installations and other works by 20 African artists, including two of Afro-Brazilian heritage. The centerpiece is a monolithic installation by Youssef Limoud, from Egypt, and Ibrahim Mahama, from Ghana. The work is made using stacked rubble from Brazilian cities. The result is "an architecture of order and chaos and structure and ruin."

--The Art Newspaper, April 26, 2018

São Paulo
"AThousand Men Cannot Build a City," 2017, by Abdulrazaq Awofeso.
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