Margiana: A Bronze Age Kingdom in Turkmenistan

  • through July 10, 2018
  • Neues Museum, Berlin
Margiana is the name of a historical landscape in eastern Turkmenistan that 4,000 years ago was the cradle of a fascinating, advanced Bronze Age civilization. Featured at the heart of this exhibition are the results of archeological investigations undertaken in the ancient city of Gonur Tepe, where structures discovered bear witness to early instances of urban planning. The palace complex and burial sites known as the "Tombs of the Kings" have revealed relationships to the regions that would subsequently form the network known as the Silk Roads. More than 2200 objects from Gonur Tepe are on display for the first time outside Turkmenistan.
Turk-menbaschi-Museum der Bildenden Künste turkmenistans
Statue made of soapstone and marble, from a tomb of Gonur Tepe
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