Halima Cassell: Eclectica-Global Inspirations

  • through January 5, 2020
  • Manchester Art Gallery
Inspired by geometry, natural forms and travel, Kashmir-born artist Halima Cassell, who grew up in the west of England, creates deeply carved forms in unglazed ceramic, bronze, stone, wood and cast glass that reflects her dual international and local heritage, often demonstrating the influence of architecture by patterns of Islamic design. In recent years, Cassell has traveled throughout Britain, Italy, Japan and Pakistan to explore new materials, techniques and approaches. These experiences have enriched her work and taken it from the regular repetition of geometries and immaculate symmetries to sensuous, organic asymmetric curves.

Halima Cassell: Eclectica–global inspirations from Manchester Art Gallery on Vimeo.
Jonathan Keenan
"Flow," by Halima Cassell.

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