Islamic Arts Biennale

  • January 23, 2023 through April 23, 2023
  • Hajj terminal, Jiddah
Islamic Arts Biennale will showcase the vibrancy of Islamic art past and present. Honoring the richness of creative heritage while exhibiting innovation and fresh ideas, the biennale will explore spirituality in the esthetic realm through a diversity of artistic expressions. The theme will be divided into complementary sections: Galleries and outdoor installations will create a dialogue between sacred sites and rituals, which will invite artists to interpret and reflect on the personal and communal expressions and the emotions they evoke. The principal theme of the indoor galleries will be qiblah (sacred direction), with Makkah as the focus. Under the canopy of the former Hajj Terminal of the Jiddah airport, the installations will explore multiple senses of hijrah (migration), from the initiation of the Muslim era to reflections on contemporary displacement.
The Majlis: A Meeting Place
through March 31, 2023
Courtesy of Diriyah Biennal Foundation
The curatorial team of the Islamic Arts Biennale stands in the former Hajj Terminal in Jiddah. From left to right: Sumayya Vally, Julian Raby, Saad Alrashid, Omniya Abdel Barr.
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