Muna Al Khajah: Harmony: Aesthetics of Ornamentation in Emirati Heritage

  • through August 14, 2019
  • Sharjah Heritage Museum
The works in this exhibit by Emirati artist Muna Al Khajah are inspired by ornamentation found in Emirati heritage. It features decorative units of geometric and floral ornamentation in doors, windows and small spaces in walls and oriel windows.  Repeated beautifully and delicately, these motifs are often used in women's adornments, such as clothing and jewelry. The artist visually employs these decorative units in interchangeable relationships through colored spaces that abound in the natural environment. With the aim of reviving the beautiful details and preserving Emirati authentic heritage, the exhibition encourages contemplation of the ornamentation.
Courtesy of the Artist
Artwork by Muna Al Khajah on exhibit at Sharjah Heritage Museum.

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