Worlds in Motion: Narrating Migration

  • through January 31, 2021
  • Weltkulturen Museum, Frankfurt, Germany
People have always been on the move, all around the world. As they move, they also take with them their lifestyles, language, music, and arts and crafts. Much of what is reputedly "authentic" in any given culture often turns out, at a second glance, to be an "import." Starting from its own collections, the Weltkulturen Museum raises associative questions highlighting how the world's diversity of cultures has always existed amid dynamics of exchange, from historical settlement movements, labor migrations to globalization. The exhibit explores the ways migrations are drivers for new forms of culture and community in a changing world.
Shahzia Sikander: Extraordinary Realities
Shahzia Sikander: Extraordinary Realities
October 2, 2020 through January 24, 2021
Weltkulturen Museum

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