1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed

“History has a lot to teach us, but only if we are willing to listen and learn.”
— Eric H. Cline
 Revised during a pivotal time in history—2020—to account for new textual and scientific discoveries, this enlightening novel tells the story of the collapse of the Late Bronze Age (1700–1100). Cline, a professor of classics and anthropology, guides the reader through the undoing of ancient civilization, expounding upon the cross-cultural connections between Egypt and other important kingdoms, such as Babylonia and Assyria. Packed full of details, Cline paints a picture of a flourishing society on the brink of collapse, piecing together historic archeological discoveries into a comprehensive and accessible narrative. As Cline dives with us into a world of gods and pharaohs, he proposes that relevant parallels exist between the Late Bronze Age and the 21st Century. For those interested in the dissolution of an age, Cline unravels the evidence to speculate on what caused the collapse of the Late Bronze Age with all the data, information, and history pointing at one year: 1177 BC.
1177 B.C.:  The Year Civilization Collapsed
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