Mohammed Kacimi

  • through February 4, 2019
  • the MuCEM, Marseille
Mohammed Kacimi is one of the most important Moroccan visual artists since the Second World War. From a classical, linear tradition to the developments of new forms of modernity that feed the Arab and European art scenes today, and that mix and mingle together, "go-betweens" like Kacimi can be found all over the Mediterranean. The exhibition is part of a strategy launched by the museum to include Mediterranean artists chosen for the decisive roles they played to enable generations to come and skip ahead to a new, university contemporaneity fueled by cultural roots, highlighting the inspiration with which Kacimi, his modernity, the construction of his freedom and his artistic uniqueness, has led to a notable transition in Mediterranean art.
Jean Grelet Le Labo Photo Bordeaux
"Untitled," by Mohammed Kacimi, 1994.

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