Personnages: Maliheh Afnan

  • through June 9, 2019
  • Museo 'Arte Provincia di Nuoro, Italy
This is the first museum retrospective dedicated to the French Palestinian artist Maliheh Afnan, born in Haifa in 1935 and passed away in 2016. Despite not yet being well-known to the public, during five decades of intense activity, Afnan was a diasporic witness to the events and destinies that made their marks on the Mediterranean shores of the Middle East. The exhibition title is inspired by an evocative series of drawings entitled Personnages, produced by Afnan over a number of years using mixed media and featuring a succession of human faces and figures, simulating a crowd of ghostly presences through which the artist restores fragments of her existence during the troubled course of 20th-century events in the Middle East. Each work conveys a face and, with it, a potential memory and forgotten story.

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