The Future of the Past: Mummies and Medicine

  • through 4월 7, 2019
  • Legion of Honor Museum, San Francisco
in this exhibition that makes use of state-of-the-art scientific techniques to explore two mummies, ancient Egypt meets modern medicine. An interdisciplinary team of scientists, Egyptologists, physicians and museum curators and conservators has learned more about how these embalmed individuals lived, died and were prepared for eternity. One of the mummies investigated is that of Irethorrou, a priest from an important family living in Akhmim in middle Egypt about 2,600 years ago. The exhibition includes information that has been gleaned about Irethorrou's lifestyle, the society in which he lived, his religion and the funerary beliefs of his time. The second mummy, perhaps 500 years older, is that of a woman known as "Hatason." Neither her mummy nor her coffin has fared as well as those of Irethorrou, and they present a stark contrast to Irethorrou's perfectly preserved body.

Legion of Honor Museum
Coffin of Irethorrou, Egyptian, Akhmim, ca. 500 BCE. Wood with polychrome.

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