Fabian Brennecke

Fabian Brennecke is a documentary photographer based in Berlin who specializes in social and cultural documentaries as well as portraiture.

Articles by Fabian Brennecke

Berlin’s Transcultural Jam

Berlin’s Transcultural Jam

A musical wave has been swelling for a decade in the German capital, which one local analyst now calls “the city of choice for a new generation of cultural talent from the Middle East and North Africa”—part of the greater demographic shift that has made people of Arab backgrounds Berlin’s fourth-largest ethnic-identity group. In street jams, clubs, studios, concert halls and online, new mixes of musicians are blending notes and ideas into genre-bending, transcultural fusions. “What we as artists in Berlin can do is tear down the borders in our head and invite others to do the same,” says musician Jamila Al-Yousef.

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