Virtual Tours: The Red Palace, Common Ground, Step Into a Story

  • Cultural Foundation (online)
This virtual exhibit takes inspiration from the historical 20th century Red Palace and its role within Saudi Arabia's key historical and political events of that era. Collecting memorabilia, relics and discarded objects from various sites, artist Sultan Bin Fahad creates sculptures and installations that explore the transformative potential of the ruin to stand in for whas was lost and its reformulation within the country's social metamorphosis.

Inspired by the Red Palace exhibition, this group exhibition, Common Ground, reflects on the common ground between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in a contemporary manner that speaks to the younger generation. Thirteen artists from the region participate in this exhibition.

Step Into a Story, the opening exhibit of the Abu Dhabi Children's Library, focuses on the role that pop-up and moveable books play in literacy. A pop up book is a book with paper mechanisms which pop up or move when the reader turns the page or manipulates them. They are engineering marvels designed to engage readers of all ages. The stories of UAE authors and illustrators are reimagined as 3D immersive and interactive learning spaces to spakr the imagination of children visiting the exhibition.

Interactive viewing of virtual tour of the Red Palace
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