Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to renew my subscription?

You will receive a notice with your 10th issue alerting you to renew your subscription. That is the only notification you will receive. If your renewal is not received by the time your 12th issue arrives at your address, your subscription service will lapse until we are able to process your renewal request. 

What is my "subscriber code"?

Your subscriber code is the alphanumeric sequence that appears above your name on the address label of the magazine you receive. It ensures accurate processing of subscription requests by our mailing house. 

Will my subscriber code ever change?

YES! Your subscriber code will change if you change your address. This is because each subscriber code is unique both to your name and to your address. (Unlike, say, a phone number.)

The website doesn’t recognize my subscriber code. What should I do?

Try entering your alphanumeric code both with “#” at the beginning and end, and then without “#”. If that does not work, visit our Account Number Locator page, where you can look up your subscriber code via your email address. 

How long does it take for a new subscription, a change of address or a subscription cancellation to be processed?

Processing is immediate for subscription requests or changes to an existing subscription submitted online.

The first issue you receive, or that will reflect your change of address, depends upon the date you submit the request. Typically, cutoff dates for the next issue are the first Monday of the previous month. For example, to receive the May/June issue, a request would have to be received before April 1. 

I submitted a subscription request, but I haven’t received the magazine yet. 

Please check our Subscription Status page.


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