As an introverted person, I sometimes find being a street photographer difficult, especially when getting close to people.

This photo series began unexpectedly when I found that photographing people behind windows and maintaining a distance made me, and the people I photographed, feel more comfortable. I purposefully frame myself in the reflection of the window to see into the space I’m photographing. I feel every window tells a different story.

This image was taken when a couple of other photographers and myself attended the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival in 2018 in al-Rumahiyah, Saudi Arabia. We stopped in the middle of the desert to get some gas when I noticed this car of young Bedouin men. They looked like they were enjoying their journey, so I couldn’t resist. I walked up to them while taking photos until the teenager in the front felt a little embarrassed and started to laugh. I like this moment because it was real. They said they were on their way to the camel festival as well.

I just love taking genuine moments. It makes me fall in love with that memory, and it’s forever captured in a photo.

—Norah AlAmri

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