The Aleppo Cookbook: Celebrating the Legendary Cuisine of Syria

Considering the recent fate of Aleppo, it is easy to be distracted from...

Aleppo: The Rise and Fall of Syria's Great Merchant City

In this timely publication, as Syria’s second city suffers from...

Out of the Desert: My Journey from Nomadic Bedouin to the Heart of Global Oil

“If I, a poverty-stricken Bedouin kid born in a desert, can make...

Ibn Tulun: His Lost city and Great Mosque

This elegant, richly illustrated volume covers the history, architecture...

Embassy to the Eastern Courts: America's Secret Pivot Toward Asia 1832–37

After the American Revolution, the maritime trade of the US was...

The Book of Spice: From Anise to Zedoary

It is hard to reach for a spice that has not been touched by Arab-Muslim...

Discovering Cyrus: The Persian Conqueror Astride the Ancient World


Europe and the Islamic World: A History


Growing Up Muslim: Muslim College Students in America Tell Their Life Stories


Hajj the Holy Journey: The Hajj Route through Postcards/Kutsal Yolculuk Hac: Kartpostallarla Hac Yolu


A Time in Arabia: Life in Hadhramaut


A Garden for the Sultan: Gardens and Flowers in the Ottoman Culture


A Muslim in Victorian America: The Life of Alexander Russell Webb


A Man of Three Worlds: Samuel Pallache, A Moroccan Jew in Catholic and Protestant Europe.


A History of Islam in America


A Million Steps: Discovering the Lebanon Mountain Trail


A Muslim American Slave: The Life of Omar ibn Said


A Palace in the Old Village

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